Love Jesus
Live Jesus

Whatever we do, we do for Jesus. Love is passionate. Love is kind. Love is.And who says it can’t be fun?

We Love to Serve. Do You?

Change the Atmosphere

We want to live in a place that Jesus would love live in too. We can change things not just physically but spiritually too.

We love to do that through intercession, worship and prayer walking – calling out the promises of God as we go whilst using the authority we have been given as followers of Jesus.

Engage Your Spirit...

Tell the Story

As YWAM we regularly go out to share the¬†wonderful story of Jesus.¬†And here’s the thing. People want to know.

We know it can sound a bit scary talking to people you don’t know, but – hang on! – no it isn’t….that’s the way we make friends with people we have never met.

Your story, is just that – your story. No one can live it but you, and no one can tell it the way you do. Really.

Got Something to Share?

Spiritual Fayre

People are hungry. They know something is out there and want to communicate with it. That something is actually a SOMEONE and He is ready to meet them.

The only safe gateway to the Spiritual Realm is through the one who calls Himself the Gate – Jesus. Our Spiritual Fayres offer the chance for people to answer that deep call we all know is there.

Help People Find the True Gate

Serve Those In Need

Jesus tells us that the only way His followers will be recognised in through the way they demonstrate His love.

Be it through offering a sandwich and a conversation to someone on the street, giving a hungry family a meal or staying up until 4 in the morning to help keep Wrexham’s streets safe you will find YWAM doing their best to share His love.

Live for Something Eternal

Youth and Kids Clubs

You know something? The next generation are already here.

Making sure they know they are made by Someone special for something special is a privilege. We love to invest in the most precious thing in the world – people.

Children are a gift from God, one we treasure.

Meet the Next Generation

Let's Change Some Lives

"Life in community means that you have to be willing to be the same person 24/7. You cannot hold your breath when you live with others - what they see is what they are going to get. The richness of living lives with others means that I am growing more into the person that I know God plans for me to become."

Want to join in with us? We're ready to meet you.

YWAM Cymru/Wales is a part of YWAM a global family of ministries, Youth With A Mission Cymru/Wales is a Registered Charity
Registered Office: Gair y Gwynt, 25 Hightown Road, Wrexham, LL13 8EB, UK, Charity Number: 1164721